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Westmont College

On January 26th a group of students from Westmont College in Santa Barbara came to visit the City of Ariel. The group came to Israel for several weeks to understand current events in the Middle East and to appreciate the geographic and historical points of reference of their faith.

JH Ranch Delegation “Shabbaton” in Ariel

A delegation from the experiential learning center JH Ranch in California, also the inspiration behind the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development, capped of their tour of Israel in Ariel with an “inside-out” weekend tour.

Ariel Welcomes StandWithUs Delegation

Friends of Ariel had the pleasure of welcoming a StandWithUs study group consisting of Birthright alumni from Australia and South Africa who are active in their communities and campuses in countering anti-Israel propaganda.

RJC Visit Ariels to See the Reality Past the Rhetoric

On December 10, Friends of Ariel was pleased to welcome a Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Leadership Mission to Ariel for an insiders’ tour of a region which figures into much of the discourse on American-Israel policy.

Danish Journalism Interns Visit Ariel

As part of a weeklong study tour of Israel, with a focus on Judea & Samaria (the “West Bank” as they referred to the region), two dozen Danish journalism interns spent the afternoon in Ariel to receive an Israeli perspective to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ariel Dance Troupe Launches US Hannukah Tour

When mother-daughter team Dora and Masha Litvak left the former Soviet Union in the 1990s to make their home in the City of Ariel, there was one item they couldn’t leave behind: their love for dance. With the influx of dancing and acrobatic talent from the former Soviet Union, they knew they had the makings of an internationally competitive dance troupe of young performers in Ariel.

JFNA Boca Raton Visits Ariel

Leading up to the 2013 General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America in mid-November, a delegation from Jewish Federation of Boca Raton visited Ariel.

JFNA Ohio Visits Ariel

After enjoying lunch at a nearby winery in Samaria, a delegation from the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, Ohio stopped by Ariel on November 14, 2013 to get a briefing on the founding of Ariel and its role today in fostering a just peace.

Danes Satisfy Intellectual Curiosity at Ariel

Ariel had the pleasure of hosting a group of Danish professionals on November 10 who came to deepen their understanding of Ariel and the role that Israeli communities beyond the Green Line play in shaping the geopolitical and economic landscape of the region.

FaithWalk International

David Cerjan led the Faithwalk International group on a meaningful visit to Ariel following the Holiday of Succot. He’s continuing a strong tradition, which his parents Pat and LTG (Ret.) Paul Cerjan began decades ago.

Members of US Congress Plant Roots in Ariel

Seven Members of the United States Congress spent the day in Ariel and the greater Samaria region on November 4, 2013 to get a firsthand look into the City of Samaria and the role it plays in securing Israeli and American interests.

Meet the Mayor: Eli Shaviro

It is our pleasure to share Ariel’s recent election results with you, our friends, across the globe. It’s important to understand how the residents of Ariel rose to the challenge in choosing a new leader following the passing of Ron Nachman.