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Senior Volunteer Initiatives

For over two decades, senior citizens have helped run the IDF Comfort Corner –  providing soldiers passing through the region with hot and cold drinks, snacks, and newspapers so that they are well-cared-for along the way.

Seniors Lecture Series

The Senior Lecture Series has not only become a way to keep occupied and learning during their Golden Years; it’s also become a way to keep social and active.

Seniors University Program

American Friends of Ariel has long been committed to furthering education for Ariel residents of all ages, and we are excited to help support the drive for our senior citizens to keep active and advance their higher education.

‘Song of the Heart’ Choir

The “Song of the Heart” choir, now in its twenty-third year, has traveled to perform across Israel and the Ukraine – and brought together an immigrant population that was once so distant into the heart and soul of Israeli and Jewish culture. The award-winning choir has become a source of great pride to the city.