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A Salute to Education in Ariel

On June 11, a special evening honoring Ariel’s educators was held at the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts. The hall was filled with educators and staff from all of Ariel’s educational institutions.

Mayor Eli Shaviro’s Inaugural Trip to the USA

On his first USA tour as Mayor of Ariel, Eliyahu (Eli) Shaviro had several goals. For starters, he set out to meet the many friends of Ariel who have lent their support to the city throughout the years and to thank them for always being there to help meet the needs of the residents of Ariel. Second, he sought to share his vision for Ariel and the future of the city with friends, both new and old.

Jerusalem Day in Ariel

Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem in 1967, is always a special time of celebration for the City of Ariel.

Trading Places with Temple Israel of West Palm Beach, Florida

Temple Israel of West Palm Beach, a Reform temple in Florida, paid a visit to Ariel on May 12, 2014 during their tour of Israel.

Texas, down feathers, and Samarian wine

Julie and Joe Berman from Dallas, Texas visited Ariel with a group of friends to learn about life in Samaria as they travel across Israel.

Educators and Community Leaders from Southern California Meet with Ariel Residents

Educators and community leaders from Southern California visiting Israel as part of a study mission through the Olive Tree Initiative had the unique opportunity to meet with Ariel residents following a tour throughout the city.

Jewish Federation of Montreal Visits Ariel

A delegation from the Canada Jewish Federation’s Montreal mega-mission to Israel received a briefing about Ariel.

Turkish Students Stop by Ariel

Turkish professors and students of the program for Middle East studies at Bahcesehir University, Istanbul paid a visit to Ariel.

Israel Way Makes Way to Ariel

On May 18, 2014, a group of 45 participants of the “Israel Way Tel Aviv Internship Experience” program paid a visit to Ariel as part of their tour of Judea and Samaria.

The Sound of Ariel

The Samarian hills are alive with the sound of music, the “Sound of Ariel” flashmob to be exact.

Dora Litvak Teaches a Generation to Dance

When dance teacher Dora Litvak came with her husband and young daughter from Moscow to Israel in 1991, she didn’t bank on teaching dance in Israel, let alone creating an Ariel icon.

Happy Birthday Israel!

Ariel celebrates Israel across town with events for all ages.