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Ariel’s International Folk Dances Takes Top Prizes!

Ariel’s talented dancers continue to bring pride to our city. On March 17, 2014, Ariel’s International Folk Dances took home top prizes in the national dance competition, Super Dance, held in Rishon L’Tziyon. Founded by Dora and Masha Litvak, the dance troupe trains and showcases different age groups to entertain wide audiences and compete internationally. At Super Dance, the dancers beat out over 1000 dancers in dozens of categories.

DuetPrizeIn the “folklore” category, the children’s dance troupe (ages 7-9) wowed the judges and the audience with their stunning rendition of a Spanish dance, taking home the Grand Prize, the top honor. The youth troupe (10-12), performing a newly choreographed Russian dance, was the only troupe in this category to elicit “bravos” from the crowd as they took home another Grand Prize.

The teenage troupe performed an Irish dance with a very high level of difficulty. The competition was stiff, but Ariel’s dancers didn’t disappointed as they took home first place.

In the “freestyle” category, a wonderful duet by 10-year-olds Sheery Cherniavsky and Noya Goldstein received the highest score of 12 points from all four judges and took home first place.


In the “ballet” category, Adelina Gankin, 12, and Daria Belkin, 11, performed to perfection a Spanish dance, taking home the Grand Prize.

Ariel’s International Folk Dances has represented Ariel internationally, bringing the talent and story of Ariel to diverse audiences. This past Hannukah, the teenage troupe dazzled American audiences with a Coast-to-Coast tour of the United States. We look forward to continuing to share their talent and winning spirit with the world.