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Heritage & Jewish Life

Adult Torah Study Programs

While largely a secular city, many residents of Ariel are interested in connecting to their Jewish heritage through a variety of programs. Two groups – a group of retirees, and a group of local women – have embarked on a journey in recent years to enrich their Jewish knowledge through a series of morning lectures.

Holocaust and Heroism Memorial House

The Memorial House provides a unique visiting experience, with an emphasis on personal stories of victims and survivors.

Ron Nachman Legacy Center and Ariel Pioneers Museum

Ron Nachman, Ariel’s legendary founding father and longtime mayor, was laid to rest overlooking the city’s residential neighborhoods. The Museum has since become a gathering site and event space for visiting groups who want to know more about Ariel’s past, present, and future.

Synagogue Enhancement

As Ariel’s population grows, so do its religious and traditional communities. Several local synagogues have quickly outgrown their original structures, and funding is needed for expansion, construction, and renovation to meet the community’s needs.