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Social Services

Children’s Well-Being Fund

The Children’s Well-Being Fund helps tens of children every year receive the counseling, evaluations, and tutoring they need to provide them with a productive education.

Emergency Services Relief Tent

Ariel, as the Capital of Samaria, not only serves as a regional hub for commerce and industry – but also for infrastructure. And as such, Israel’s Ministry of Defense has partially placed the well-being of residents of the entire region of Samaria in Ariel’s hands.

Food Security Program

AFA helps fund over 10,000 packages or vouchers for needy families, seniors, and Holocaust survivors each year, in partnership with the Ariel Department for Social Services and numerous local and national non-profit organizations.

Immigrant Absorption

Coping with the challenges of a new language and culture, AFA strives to provide all Ariel residents with the tools they need to succeed.

The Helping Hands Boutique

The Helping Hands Boutique, to be located in the heart of Ariel’s original neighborhood, will provide a home for hundreds of secondhand items thrown out every day in Ariel and provide a meaningful occupation for our Senior volunteers. The Israeli version of a Goodwill, these items will be priced to meet the needs of Ariel’s residents who cannot afford to buy new.

The Randolph A. Hearst Sheltered Workshop

The Randolph A. Hearst Sheltered Workshop was established in the City of Ariel in 1993. Designed to service Ariel’s disabled and elderly populations, the Hearst Workshop continues to function as a critical community resource.