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The National Leadership Center In Ariel

Israel’s premier outdoor training site, the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development (ANCLD), provides a one-of-a-kind, experiential platform which trains the next generation of Israeli and international leaders – and connects them to their Biblical roots.

The HALO Program

The HALO program for the advancement of youth gives opportunities and life back to teens who have dropped out of conventional middle and high schools for any number of issues, both psychological and physiological.

The Bentley Center Warm Home for Teens

The Warm Home for Teens is an after-school guidance, counseling and activity program under the auspices of Ariel’s Social Services Department. It provides a “warm home” for at-risk teenage girls with programs, workshops, and mentorships that nurture their creativity, self-confidence, and sense of belonging.

Youth Center Equipment Upgrade – Krembo’s Wings

Ariel’s Youth Center (AYC) is a community-based after-school environment where teens engage in voluntary and extracurricular activities.

Youth Delegations

Each year, Ariel teenagers receive the chance to participate in youth delegations abroad – both to the US and in different locations in Europe.