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College students receive scholarships in Ariel, Israel. Taken at the Ariel Young Adult Center with mayor Eli Shaviro.

Congrats to Our 2018 Scholarship Recipients

American Friends of Ariel presented 14 outstanding college students from Ariel with scholarships on June 10, as part of an ongoing initiative to spur academic excellence among the city’s youth. Congrats to all of our scholarship recipients!

Teachers receive awards at our Honoring Excellent Educators ceremony, 2018.

Honoring Excellent Educators 2018

This June, we honored the city’s best teachers and educators in our annual ceremony. Read more to find out who we said a special “see you later” to and why this year’s entertainment was spot-on!

Ariel University on its way to a medical school

Israel’s Knesset passed the “Ariel Law” that places Ariel University under the supervision of the Council for Higher Education which oversees all of Israel’s universities. Mayor Shaviro delivered his own personal remarks as well.

We’re Back from Our 40-Year Anniversary Tour

We’re back from our grand tour of the eastern and southern US with our Celebrate Ariel Performance Troupe in honor of Ariel’s 40th anniversary! Our delegation of teen performers, Mayor Eli Shaviro, and American Friends of Ariel (AFA) Executive Director Avi Zimmerman had a blast meeting our dedicated supporters and making new friends.

Ariel Celebrates National Immigrant Day

In the early 1990s, Ariel’s population doubled in under a decade with a mass wave of immigration from the Former Soviet Union (FSU). So it’s no surprise that the city of Ariel took to heart a landmark decision in the Israeli Knesset (parliament – ed.) earlier this year to declare the 7th of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan “National Immigrant Day.”

Thousands Attend Ariel ‘Extreme Fest’

This year, thousands of Israelis from all over the country flooded to Ariel’s brand-new mall for a special ‘Extreme Fest’ with food, fun — and attractions and activities from our Ariel National Center for Leadership Development, our ‘Song of the Heart’ Senior Choir, and the dancers from our ‘Celebrate Ariel’ Performance Troupe.

Congressional Delegation Visits Ariel

As with all USIEA delegations, last week’s Congressional mission spent a day in Ariel and the Samaria-Benjamin regions. AFA thanks the congressmen and women who visited with USIEA for taking a sincere interest in the people in Ariel and the region. We are proud to see that the US-Israel partnership is strong.

Venture Fair Brings Innovation from Ariel to the World for Second Year in a Row

For the second year, our own Field Center for Entrepreneurship and the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) teamed up to provide an outstanding group of students with business training and communication skills.

Summer Visitors 2017

We’ve been busier than ever hosting groups in Ariel – meeting new friends and embracing our longtime supporters.

Randolph A. Hearst Sheltered Workshop Celebrates Silver Anniversary

When Ariel supporter and generous philanthropist Victoria Hearst heard about the Randolph A. Hearst Sheltered Workshop’s upcoming silver anniversary ceremony, she swiftly made arrangements to fly to Israel.

Lowell Milken and Family Visit Ariel

American Friends of Ariel was honored to host our most dedicated supporter, Lowell Milken, and family in Ariel this month, for a fun and meaningful day of activities around the city.

Ariel University Lays Ground for New Medical School

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Health Minister Yaakov Litzmann, Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson, Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro, and other top-ranking officials laid the ground for Ariel University’s new Medical School on Wednesday, in attendance of the national and international press.