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Inviting New Friends to Join Our 40-Year Celebration

In 1978, 40 intrepid families were able to return to the land of their roots on a barren hilltop in the heart of Samaria. Their goal: to build a stronghold for Israelis in the heart of biblical Israel, at an important strategic site crucial for Israeli security.

Powered by one generator, these 40 families were the bedrock for a full-fledged city – a vibrant center of innovation, entrepreneurship, and regional stability. Today a city of tens of thousands of permanent residents and over 16,000 university students, Ariel continues to make an impact as a source of pride and hope for every person living in the region. And we couldn’t have gotten this far without our dedicated friends and supporters.

This year, we call on you – who helped make Ariel’s achievements possible – to join us as we celebrate 40 incredible years of growth and success.

Help us grow by inviting your family and friends to join our campaign to make 40 new friends for Ariel!

Click here to find out more, and how your referral not only helps the people of Ariel, but can also lead you to become one of our prize recipients.