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Congrats to Our 2018 Scholarship Recipients

College students receive their college scholarships from American Friends of Ariel in Ariel, Israel.American Friends of Ariel presented 14 outstanding college students from Ariel with scholarships on June 10, as part of an ongoing initiative to spur academic excellence among the city’s youth.

Ariel’s mayor, Eli Shaviro, and representatives from the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare offices of Ariel attended the ceremony and thanked the students for their community service.

As part of the program, each scholarship recipient completed 20 of hours of community service tutoring and mentoring Ariel’s teenagers to help them succeed in school and in life.

College students receive scholarships in Ariel, Israel. Taken at the Ariel Young Adult Center with mayor Eli Shaviro.

Tutoring programs from Ariel’s best and brightest students have boosted the city’s quality of education, and matriculation success, each and every year. These programs allow the college-age residents of Ariel, who are raised in the city’s school system, to give back to the next generation of college-bound teens where and when it is needed most.

Each student related their personal experience during their tutoring work, as they encouraged teens to follow through with their schoolwork and studies and succeed in passing Israel’s difficult matriculation exams. Their experiences left an indelible mark on the lives of both the tutors and their students.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Pdut Urelinisky, studying Education at the Kiryat Ono Academic College
  • Shirel Ben-Ari, studying Physical Therapy at Ariel University
  • Einav Glick, studying Industrial Sociology at Ariel University
  • Bar Harvard, studying Education at Levinsky College
  • Aidan Yosipov, studying Communications at Ariel University
  • Sharon Yilkin, studying Graphic Design in Communications at Bezalel College for Art and Design
  • Nimrod Cohen, studying Economics and Accounting at Ariel University
  • Lipaz Cohen, studying Humanities and Social Sciences at Ariel University
  • Shiran Moyal, studying Civil Engineering at Ariel University
  • Or Malca, studying Physical Education at Kay College
  • Tom Krishinovitz, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Or Shirazi, studying Communications at Ariel University
  • Shirel Shalom, studying Arts Education at Emunah College of Jerusalem.

In addition, Ben-Zion Cohen was this year’s recipient of the Brenda Wygant Memorial Scholarship – a special scholarship awarded to residents of Ariel in memory of Brenda Wygant and in partnership with Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, CO. He is studying Electrical Engineering at Holon Technical College.

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients and best of luck on your studies!

To find out how you can help support next year’s scholarship program, click here.