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The “Celebrate Ariel” Youth Performance Troupe

The “Celebrate Ariel” Youth Performance Troupe

The City of Ariel is proud to introduce the Celebrate Ariel Performance Troupe.

A few years ago, in honor of the City’s 40-year anniversary, two of our leading youth performance troupes teamed up to bring the spirit of Ariel to our friends and gave the international community an opportunity to get to know the city.

Our singing group, comprised of a careful selection of Ariel’s most talented vocalists, had completed several US tours over AFA’s 25-year history. Now, a young and new set of Celebrate Ariel singers took the stage in our November tour. The Ariel International Folk Dance Troupe, the award-winning dance troupe of Dora and Masha Litvak, joined us as well for the first time since their grand international tour in 2013.