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A Sneak Peek At Ariel’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Spring is in the air – but here at AFA, our hearts and minds are looking ahead to Ariel’s 40-year anniversary, beginning summer 2017.

As Ariel enters its 40th year, AFA will look to showcase four decades of excellence and ingenuity in the capital of Samaria and the heart of Biblical Israel.

We’re making Ariel’s 40th a year to remember – and we’re bringing a series of mega-events to the US to invite all our dedicated friends and supporters to celebrate with us!

As part of the celebrations, AFA has forged a unique partnership between Ariel’s singing and dance troupes to form the Celebrate Ariel Performance Troupe.

You may have seen our Ariel Dance Troupe – choreographed by mother-daughter team Dora and Masha Litvak – upon your visits to Ariel. Now, the best of the ADT team will be joining us stateside to bring Ariel’s finest right to your community.

Also joining us will be the Lahakon, Ariel’s singing troupe, with an all-new selection of young singers who can’t wait to take the stage. See one of their past performances below.

Lahakon 1 from Friends of Ariel on Vimeo.


The Troupe is already practicing to put on the performances of a lifetime during our November 2017 and March 2018 events. Stay tuned for more announcements about Ariel’s 40-year anniversary celebrations!