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Ariel Welcomes ZOA Students

Ariel was pleased to welcome the student chapter of ZOA on January 8, 2012. Guided by Avi Zimmerman, the group’s visit began with a stop at the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts. From there, the students toured other parts of Ariel and its vicinity, including the Barkan Industrial Park and the Ariel National Leadership Development Center.

JH Ranch Prayer Launch at ANLDC Big Top Tent

An enthusiastic delegation from JH Ranch in California arrived in the City of Ariel, the Capital of the Shomron (Samaria) this weekend to demonstrate their support. During their visit they participated in the first PRAY WITH ISRAEL prayer launch program.

Tom Doyle & Jason Elam Back in Ariel

Tom Doyle and Jason Elam’s visits to Ariel are beginning to become a tradition. Their December 2nd to 4th stay was their third in the space of a year.

OU Comes to Town

The city of Ariel was honored with a visit by the “OU”, the Orthodox Union, one of the oldest Orthodox Jewish organizations in the United States. The group began their visit with a meeting with Mayor Ron Nachman at the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts.

Ariel Welcomes South Carolina Representative Alan Clemmons

The City of Ariel was pleased to welcome Representative, Alan Clemmons, of the great state of South Carolina. He represents District 107 – Horry County. Mr. Clemmons stopped in Ariel as part of a two-week fact-finding mission of Israel.

South Korean Ambassador in Ariel

Ariel was honored last month by a visit from South Korean ambassador, Ilsoo Kim. Mr. Kim said he wanted to see Judea and Samaria with his own eyes, and the City of Ariel was happy to oblige.

Pastor Guillermo Maldonado in Ariel

On November 18th, Pastor Guillermo Maldonado came to Ariel with a delegation of pastors from Florida. Pastor Maldonado is the spiritual leader of the largest Hispanic church in the US, with millions of followers internationally.

The Inaugural Samaria Summit

On November 9th five Congressmen ventured into otherwise uncharted “territory” by traditional diplomatic delegations to Israel. A strong affinity to Israel and genuine frustration with the repetitive and fatal failures of peace plans and processes drove these American leaders to take a fresh look and Israel’s heartland.

FaithWalk International Strolls into Ariel

Longtime friends of Ariel, U.S.-based FaithWalk International, arrived in Ariel for another visit recently. David Cerjan led the group. He and his family make a point of journeying to Ariel every year.

Los Angeles Federation Visits Ariel

The Los Angeles Jewish Federation made a historic trip to Israel in honor of their 100 year anniversary. When LA Federation’s Chairman, Richard Sandler, told his longtime friend Mayor Ron Nachman that he wanted one of those buses to see Ariel the Mayor happily rolled out the red carpet.

Gateway Church Visits Ariel

The City of Ariel was delighted to recently host members of Gateway Church of Southlake, Texas. It wasn’t their first visit, and it won’t be their last.

Herman Cain and Ron Nachman in Ariel

On Friday, August 26, our friends Jerry and Deborah Strober brought Presidential hopeful Herman Cain and his wife Gloria to the City of Ariel. It was quite the visit.