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Hillel Day School of Boca Raton Returns to Ariel

On May 2nd, Mayor Ron Nachman’s close friend Daniel Katz from Boca Raton, Florida brought an annual trip of 8th graders from the Hillel Day School of Boca Raton. As always, the first evening of the trip was spent in Ariel.

Hopkins U., Ariel and Falafel

On April 17th, just a day before Passover, a delegation of students from Johns Hopkins University came to see the City of Ariel. Ariel was the first stop on their weeklong trip to Israel – a trip that would include a firsthand analysis of the geopolitics in the region from both Israeli and Arab perspectives.

Lowell Milken – Ariel’s Celebrity

On Thursday, March 31st Lowell Milken, came to visit Mayor Ron Nachman and the City of Ariel with his family. Mayor Nachman’s long time friend, Metukah Benjamin coordinated and joined the visit.

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

For the first time in a quarter of a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations came to the City of Ariel on Thursday, February 17th. The Conference brought three busloads of leading figures from America’s primary Jewish organizations.

Tom Doyle and Dallas Bible Church

On March 18th Tom Doyle led a group from the Dallas Bible Church headed by Pastor Hal Habecker to the City of Ariel. They began their journey to Israel where Biblical prophecy meets modern reality: the City of Ariel.

Master’s Students from Brandeis in Ariel

On Sunday, January 9th, a group of master’s students from Brandeis University came to visit the city of Ariel.

JH Ranch Visits Ariel

The city of Ariel was pleased to host the annual delegation from the JH Ranch of northern California on New Year’s weekend. This visit, as with those in the past, was an exceptional opportunity for our friends who are affiliated with the JH Ranch to understand a bit more about Israel, and a lot more about Ariel.

Chinese Delegation to Ariel

On Sunday, December 19th a delegation of mayors, provincial diplomats and foreign ministry representatives from China came to Ariel to visit with Mayor Ron Nachman. After meeting Mayor Nachman in China several months ago, a group of Chinese diplomats wanted to see the City of Ariel firsthand.

Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson Visit Mayor Nachman

The Johnsons made the trip to Israel so that they could visit with Mayor Ron Nachman. They were told of Mayor Nachman’s vision and success in establishing and developing the city of Ariel, and they wanted to see what the living legend was all about.

Republican Jewish Coalition and American Friends of Likud

It was an absolute pleasure to host the Republican Jewish Coalition and American Friends of Likud in Ariel on November 14th.

Tom Doyle and Jason Elam

Ariel was blessed with a new group of visitors this month. Tom Doyle and Jason Elam brought a busload of Christian friends from across the USA for a day.

Mission Valley Christian Fellowship

Pastor Leo Giovenetti led his community, which includes members from across the USA who hear his radio broadcasts, to Ariel for a day’s visit. The group enjoyed a wonderful visit throughout the city, where they met the many faces of Ariel’s diverse community.