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Cornerstone Laying Ceremony for Ron Nachman Memorial Site and Pioneers Museum

DorithAtCeremonyOn Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro, the Nachman family, Ariel residents and Israeli leaders paid homage to Ron Nachman’s legacy by laying the cornerstone to what will be the Ron Nachman Memorial Site and Pioneers Museum.

“The city of Ariel was founded on the merit of its pioneers, and you, Ron, are the pioneer of pioneers,” said Yuval Shteiniz, Minister of Intelligence, overlooking Ron’s grave site and the construction site of the Museum.

The ceremony featured community leaders reciting Psalms and words by Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro and Dorith Nachman, who gave a special message in English to Ariel’s supporters abroad: “Thank you for being our friends.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu, holding the renderings for the Ron Nachman Memorial Site and Pioneers Museum with Dorith Nachman. Joined by Ron’s brother, Dan (far left) and the Nachman family’s close friend and Former Deputy Mayor of Ariel, Dr. Mordechai (Moodi) Tomarkin (far right).

She described the beautiful design of the upcoming site, which will feature an exhibition hall, archives,and presentation room, all dedicated to memorializing Ron’s achievements.

The ceremony ended with community leaders and residents of Ariel shoveling dirt over the cornerstone as their symbolic way of participating in this much needed testament to Ron’s pioneering spirit.

“I want to tell you, Ron, in my name and in the name of the government of Israel,” said Shteinitz, “Israel will continue to preserve Ariel, and Ariel will continue to preserve Ariel.”


As we build the Ron Nachman Pioneers Museum, we intend to develop a biographical tribute book and website to honor Ron Nachman’s legacy. You can help us. Please send us your written memoirs, pictures or personal video tributes. Feel free to address any or all of the following questions:

What are your most fond memories of Ron?

How did his life touch yours?

How did he inspire you?

Please send your thoughts, memories, tributes and sentiments about Ron to info@friendsofariel.org as we begin compiling this historic work.


The Ron Nachman Memorial Site and Pioneers Museum is a long term project, promising to inspire generations of visitors. We have been blessed with a generous donation to construct the site, yet much effort remains to develop the site’s content. Please use the form below to contribute to the Ron Nachman Memorial Fund. And thank you, in advance, for partnering with us.