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A Fresh Look at Ariel

WATCH: Haven’t visited Ariel recently? Friends of Ariel is pleased to share some beautiful views of the city that we love.


Summer 2015 Visitors to Ariel

Look who came to Ariel this summer.

Israel Firefighters at the Leadership Center

A letter from the station commander to the director of the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development perfectly expresses what the Center is about.

Something for Everyone at Ariel’s Summer Camps 

More than 300 children from across Ariel’s neighborhoods have been participating in local summer camps this year.

Raising the Flag in Ariel

Brand new, large flags of both the City of Ariel and the State of Israel were raised at the entrance to the City.

Spring 2015 Visitors to Ariel

Ariel welcomes old and new friends.

Thank you for taking the Passover Pledge!

Thank you for enabling Ariel residents to celebrate Passover in dignity.

Ariel Researchers to Bring Indigenous Israeli Wines to Your Table

In the coming months, Friends of Ariel will unveil an ambitious project to bring these wines and more to your homes, and to let you become part of Israel’s wine revolution.

2016 Passover Pledge

Step into the Ariel story by allowing the city’s less fortunate to relive the story of redemption from slavery.

Torah Scrolls Dedicated at Ariel University

Two Torah Scrolls have found their home at Ariel University’s new Beit Shalom synagogue.

Happy Purim 2015

Happy Purim from the Capital of Samaria!

Winter Visitors to Ariel

Take a look at who visited Ariel this past winter.