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The “Shabbat Project” in Ariel


Challa4As part of the global “Shabbat Project” initiative, a ritual tithing of the traditional Shabbat challah bread took place at Ariel’s community center.

“The feeling was uplifting and rejuvenating. The timing (Rosh Hodesh – the day first of the new Jewish month) was perfect. We felt blessed by being able to begin the season this way. We were especially excited because we knew that at the same time Jews in 360 cities around the world were also experiencing the tithing of the challah” explained Efrat, who participated in the event.

Challa“Tithing of the bread” is a Torah directive. Since biblical times, when baking bread a tithe of the dough was separated and granted to the Cohen (priest) who worked in the temple. To this day, many are careful to tithe bread, a practice traditionally associated with prosperity and abundant blessings.

Thirty women attended the tithing event, which served as a Thursday evening preparation for Ariel’s “Shabbat Project”.