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Ariel Pupils Learn to Apply Their Arabic Language Skills

November, 2014

By Maya Marcus, a student of the Arab language class

On November 2nd Ariel’s Arab language class went on a three day youth training course, commonly known as Gadna, conducted by the IDF Intelligence Corps. During the Gadna experience, the teenagers learned about the army in general and the Intelligence Corps in particular. Throughout the Gadna the pupils learned how an army operates and even experienced some of the activities themselves.

הכנה לצבאTwice a day, each platoon took part in marching exercises directed by the commanders. In addition, they studied military terms as well as military discipline. In the classrooms, lectures were given about terrorism against Israeli citizens carried out by surrounding enemies. The team commander also exposed the pupils to some of the Intelligence corps’ operations in Israel and overseas.

Our students also participated in the Memorial Service for the late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. Avivi Peled and Daniel Beni played music, while Tahel Hasson sang with the commanders.

During the Gadna, the students understood the importance of the Arabic language in military and state contexts. In addition to the studies, the students enjoyed a unique social experience whereby they got to know other youngsters from all over the country.

Maya Marcus: “It was an amazing experience and I made many new friends”.

Gal Baruch: “Four days that changed my life”.

Gal Peretz: “An unforgettable fun experience”.

Tamar Levstein: “The commander’s team was amazing and it was a great experience”.

Many thanks to the amazing Gadna crew that did a wonderful job and to the platoon commander in particular.

A special thanks to Sofi Baray. Without her none of this would have happened.