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Hulyo’s Founder Comes to Ariel

AdultCenterActivity (1) Hulyo founder Giora Mandel visited Ariel this month, as part of an exciting lecture series for launch week at the city’s Young Adults Center.

Mandel launched the app, which helps young adults find low-cost travel options at the last-minute, in 2012.

Months later, it had taken off – with over one million downloads in the first few months just from word-to-mouth marketing.

Tens of thousands of passengers have now booked their flights through Hulyo, as Mandel explained in his lecture, “From Failure to Success.”

AdultCenterActivity (3)Mandel’s program is one of many being hosted as part of the framework of the Field Center for Entrepreneurship – made possible by the generous and ongoing support from the Field Family Foundation of Beverly Hills. To learn more about the Field Center, click here.

The Field Center is being housed in our new Ariel Young Adults Center – the city’s newest hotspot and community center for students, young parents, and young professionals bridging communities of adults 18-35.

American Friends of Ariel and the Ariel Development Fund dedicated the center, located in the heart of Ariel, on February 7, 2016. The dedication was marked by lively speeches from Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Ariel’s mayor, Eli Shaviro, both of whom spoke about the need the AdultCenterActivity (2)Young Adult Center would fulfill for young people in the city. Kfir Moyal, an Ariel resident, made an exit from his successful start-up company, which currently makes some $250 million per year. The dedication ended with a round-table discussion on the future of up-and-coming adults in this region.

The Young Adult Center provides a support hub for young adults, with professional and social assistance available for young professionals and parents, as well as special programs targeting entrepreneurs in conjunction with the Field Center for Entrepreneurship.

This week’s launch program included the following speakers:

  • Sharon Aizen, world-renowned expert in Outcome Thinking Style, on ‘Work-Life Balance with a Speck of Sanity and Day-to-Day Humor’
  •  Matan Hodorov, Channel 10 analyst and economist, on ‘Young People on the Fringes of the Israeli Economy’
  • Dr. Annabella Shaked, licensed psychotherapist, on ‘Common Mistakes and Necessary Corrections’ in parenting
  • Yuval Abramovitz, motivational speaker – “The List: Do You Have a Dream? Now’s the Time to Actualize it.”

But the center provides much more than a place for guest lecturers. The building also includes a co-working space for young professionals; conference rooms; and sitting room corners to relax and unwind.

American Friends of Ariel thanks our generous donors for their ongoing support for the Field Center for Entrepreneurship and the Young Adult Center building.