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Chinese Delegation to Ariel

Chinese Delegation1

On Sunday, December 19th a delegation of mayors, provincial diplomats and foreign ministry representatives from China came to Ariel to visit with Mayor Ron Nachman. After meeting Mayor Nachman in China several months ago, a group of Chinese diplomats wanted to see the City of Ariel firsthand.

Mayor Nachman took the group for a tour of the city which included the industrial parks, the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts and the Ariel University Center. Although several of the delegates were mayors of cities far larger than Ariel, they were extremely impressed by what they saw. The Deputy Mayor of Golmaud, Mr. Wang Guijun, whose city is six times the size of the entire State of Israel, explained that many leaders in China can learn from Mayor Nachman’s example of turning a barren hill into a thriving city.

Ms. Zhudan, who represents the Chinese Foreign Ministry, requested to make some closing remarks. She said “you are a strong leader and an example for all of the mayors in China. You are positive and optimistic. You are a fighter and we believe that you can conquer anything, including your illness”. Mayor Nachman was touched by her kind remarks and by the respectful and sincere sentiments of each of the delegates.