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JH Ranch Visits Ariel

January, 2011

The city of Ariel was pleased to host the annual delegation from the JH Ranch of northern California on New Year’s weekend. Heather and Bruce Johnston have maintained a long-term relationship with Mayor Ron Nachman and the city of Ariel which has spanned approximately 13 years, and have fostered the creation of the Ariel National Leadership Development Center (ANLDC). This visit, as with those in the past, was an exceptional opportunity for our friends who are affiliated with the JH Ranch to understand a bit more about Israel, and a lot more about Ariel.

The group began their visit in Ariel with a Friday night Shabbat program, which included a lesson about the weekly Torah portion, the traditional candle lighting and the ceremonious sanctification of the day. Teens and young adults from the JH Ranch group spent the remainder of Shabbat in Ariel with their host families. On Saturday night, Ariel residents joined the JH Ranch group for a beautiful and uplifting musical performance at the Arts and Sciences building.

On Sunday morning the JH Ranch group enjoyed a tour of Ariel. They saw the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts (ARCPA), the Ariel Holocaust and Heroism Museum – where they had the opportunity to spend time with Irena and Kuba Vadislavsky – and the Ariel University Center. Before breaking for lunch, our guests concluded their visit at the Ariel National Leadership Development Center (ANLDC), where they were given a tour by Heather Johnston and Site Director Koby Balin.

The JH Ranch visit to Ariel is a unique New Year’s weekend tradition, anticipated all year round. For our guests it is a life-enhancing experience. For the Ariel host families, it is a chance to share the Land of Israel with our friends from abroad.