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Lowell Milken – Ariel’s Celebrity

Milken - meeting at ANLDC

On Thursday, March 31st Lowell Milken came to visit Mayor Ron Nachman and the City of Ariel with his family. Mayor Nachman’s long time friend, Metukah Benjamin coordinated and joined the visit. It was a spectacular day for the residents of Ariel, who were given the opportunity to meet the people behind the plaques and honorary buildings that enhance life across the city.

Lowell and the group were greeted and honored as celebrities at every turn. The cameras were rolling from the first stop at the Ariel National Leadership Development Center. Educators,

Milken-meeting teenages

directors and teens made presentations about the site’s significance and impact. The description of ANLDC’s popularity coupled with the sight of a group of youth training on the Odyssey left a lasting impression.

Our guests then proceeded to the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts where they enjoyed a private set of performances. The ensemble included a Russian folk dance, a solo of Annie’s “Tomorrow” and an upbeat rendition of Ariel’s city anthem.

The visit continued with a close up on education in Ariel. Our visitors began at the Bernard Milken

Milken-meeting city managers

Elementary School and progressed to Ariel University Center. At the Bernard Milken Elementary School students’ council representatives described the Bar & Bat Mitzvah Exhibition and the outdoor gardening program. As with all other stops along the visit, Lowell spoke with each and every person that he encountered asking genuine questions to satisfy his curiosity. Needless to say, the students were ecstatic when they got to meet members of the family whose name they see over the entrance to their school on a daily basis.

Of course, a visit by the Milkens would be incomplete without a guided tour of the Lowell Milken Family Sports & Recreation Complex. Upon arrival each of our guests was presented with an honorary lifetime membership to the Complex. Using their personal computer chips, the Complex’s newest members glided through the turnstiles to enter Israel’s only JCC-inspired family center.

Before a quiet dinner with Mayor Nachman and his wife Dorith, Lowell wanted to see where the City of Ariel is headed. He met with the various department heads in the municipality so he could hear first hand about the challenges that face them and how they plan to move forward. Mayor Nachman set the tone with his vision for the future. After extensive discussions the picture became crystal clear: Lowell Milken and Mayor Ron Nachman will continue to work hand in hand to accomplish all that needs to be done.