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Ariel & Me

The Mayor’s Visit to the US

Enjoy some highlights from Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro’s Spring tour of the US!

Ariel in your neighborhood

Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro will be visiting the United States from May 6 to May 17.

Thank you for taking the Passover Pledge!

Thank you for enabling Ariel residents to celebrate Passover in dignity.

2016 Passover Pledge

Step into the Ariel story by allowing the city’s less fortunate to relive the story of redemption from slavery.

Visit the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development

When preparing your group’s travel itinerary in Israel, a day visit at the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development is an absolute must. A one-of-a-kind experience in Israel, the group members will be creating an unforgettable memory while developing and honing leadership skills and personal values. By coming face to face with innovative outdoor challenge facilities and obstacle courses, groups foster teamwork, problem solving, communication skills and social management.

Florida Friends Return to Ariel

After meeting Ariel Mayor Eli Shaviro during his recent visit to South Florida, Jack Heintz, Pastor Dino Pedrone and members of New Testament Baptist Church were particularly keen on visiting Ariel.

Getting to Know Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro

Join Ariel Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro in the United States this May.

Ariel University Showcased at 2014 AIPAC Conference

Delegates at last week’s 2014 AIPAC conference in Washington, DC flocked to Ariel University’s display at the Innovation Showcase Exhibit in the heart of the AIPAC Village to view a sample of AU’s research. For thefirst time, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) invited a team from Ariel University to display two novel inventions related to water conservation and purification. Over 14,000 delegates had the chance to get a glimpse of Ariel University’s research and academic excellence first-hand.

Ariel and the Search For King David’s Lost Wines

Pioneering researchers at Ariel University are mixing archaeology, technology, genetic analysis, agronomy and Bible studies to reveal, identify and replicate Israel’s ancient lost species in the attempt to bring King David’s finest to your wine closet.

Ariel Breakfast Club in Connecticut

THE ARIEL BREAKFAST CLUB, a series of student films from Ariel University exploring unlikely student encounters, was shown at the Jewish Film Festival of Fairfield County, CT, at the Stamford JCC, on March 6, 2014.