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Ariel University Showcased at 2014 AIPAC Conference

Ariel University Showcased at 2014 AIPAC Conference

Display Attracted Significant Interest in Ariel University’s Cutting Edge Water Research

IMG-20140302-WA0001Delegates at last week’s 2014 AIPAC conference in Washington, DC flocked to Ariel University’s display at the Innovation Showcase Exhibit in the heart of the AIPAC Village to view a sample of AU’s research. For the first time, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) invited a team from Ariel University to display two novel inventions related to water conservation and purification. Over 14,000 delegates had the chance to get a glimpse of Ariel University’s research and academic excellence first-hand.

Among the Ariel University scholars at the booth were Prof. Idit Avrahami and Dr. Yaakov Anker, who displayed innovative projects for water preservation and purification, topics of importance for a region where water is scarce. Prof. Avrahami showcased a new technology which prevents water waste while running faucet water is heated. Dr. Anker shared a project geared towards minimizing water contamination in the Samaria and Jordan Valley areas through the cost-effective use of coal-based bio-filters to purify sewage.

“We thank AIPAC for their hospitality,” remarked Prof. Avrahami, “and for enabling Ariel University to share the latest innovations developed by its students.”

“It’s really heat-warming to see the support shown here for Israel,” added Dr. Anker. “We are loved here.”

Ariel University representatives invited the delegates visiting the booth to come to Ariel during their next trip to Israel, and experience a new spirit in higher education.