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Visit the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development

ANLDC-JHWhen preparing your group’s travel itinerary in Israel, a day visit at the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development is an absolute must. A one-of-a-kind experience in Israel, the group members will be creating an unforgettable memory while developing and honing leadership skills and personal values. By coming face-to-face with innovative outdoor challenge facilities and obstacle courses, groups foster teamwork, problem solving, communication skills and social management.

A full day program at the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development runs from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm and focuses on self-empowerment, the true meaning of teamwork, communication and leadership skills, all with an emphasis on values and ethics. In advance of your visit, licensed trainers work with you to identify your group’s primary objectives as a basis for your tailor designed programming.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor example, The Odyssey provides a series of exercises in teamwork that take groups out of their comfort zone and presents them with complex challenges in order to develop leadership skills, task solving abilities and self-realization. Participants learn the power of working in a team.

The Leap of Faith is an exercise in self-empowerment, facing difficult challenges, encouraging others, setting an example and so much more. Skilled trainers and coaches lead the way to discovering all you can be.

The Alpine Tower directs participants to learning to trust others by facing and overcoming fears, discovering your individual talents and creative abilities, and assuming greater responsibilities.

20130624_113054A typical day begins with the low ropes Team Development Course, continues with a variety of group specific challenge activities and includes debriefing discussions to maximize the transformative potential of the visit’s rich experiences.

The Ariel National Center for Leadership Development is proud to host tens of thousands of participants who visit in the context of educational, professional and tourist groups. For more information or to book a day of leadership development for your group, contact the Friends of Ariel organization at info@friendsofariel.org or 972-3-936-4406.