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Ariel & Me

We’re Back from Our 40-Year Anniversary Tour

We’re back from our grand tour of the eastern and southern US with our Celebrate Ariel Performance Troupe in honor of Ariel’s 40th anniversary! Our delegation of teen performers, Mayor Eli Shaviro, and American Friends of Ariel (AFA) Executive Director Avi Zimmerman had a blast meeting our dedicated supporters and making new friends.

A Sneak Peek At Ariel’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations

We’re making Ariel’s 40th a year to remember – and we’re bringing a series of mega-events to the US to invite all our dedicated friends and supporters to celebrate with us!

Take the 2017 Passover Pledge!

From sponsoring Passover food packages to a seat at the Ariel Seder, you can step into the Ariel story by allowing the city’s less fortunate to relive the experience of redemption.

Ariel’s 2017 Delegation to USA

Mayor Eli Shaviro and American Friends of Ariel’s Executive Director, Avi Zimmerman, embarked on an intensive trip to the US this month to meet with Ariel’s dedicated friends and supporters – and to plan for the City of Ariel’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

AFA Kicks Off 25-Year Celebrations

We began our 25-year celebrations in a big way this month – with two launch events in Dallas, TX.

Preparing for Ariel’s 25th Anniversary Events

We welcome back Avi Zimmerman, our Executive Director, from his cross-country visit to the US ahead of our 25th anniversary celebrations. Read on to see if he stopped in your city!

2016 Passover Pledge

Step into the Ariel story by allowing the city’s less fortunate to relive the story of redemption from slavery.

Pre-Thanksgiving US Tour

Mayor Eli Shaviro and Executive Director Avi Zimmerman return from yet another successful visit to the US, after spending time with Ariel’s dedicated friends and building new partnerships.

Online shoppers team up with Ariel!

Keeping busy with online shopping? Looking for a way to bless Ariel with your holiday giving? It’s now easier than ever to make a donation to American Friends of Ariel, just by making a purchase!

The Mayor’s Visit to the US

Enjoy some highlights from Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro’s Spring tour of the US!

Ariel in your neighborhood

Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro will be visiting the United States from May 6 to May 17.

Thank you for taking the Passover Pledge!

Thank you for enabling Ariel residents to celebrate Passover in dignity.