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Thank you for taking the Passover Pledge!


passoverkids5The children thank you for taking the Passover Pledge. With your generosity, we have been able to provide 130 Passover food packages to families in need, 1000 food coupons for senior citizens, and a community Seder for 120 Ariel residents.

Carol Schwartz Greenwald, MD

Jamie Abernathy, TN

Isabel Balboa , NJ

Karen Bentolila, FL

Daniel & Sally Brent, NJ – In memory of Mayor Ron Nachman, of blessed memory

Gordon & Deria Clark, FL

Sue W. Crowe, AL – In memory of her beloved mother Quanna Witt, of blessed memory

Pamela & Emily Day, TX – In honor of daughter Emily’s promotion at Verizon Telecomm and for following in her daddy’s footsteps!

Dennis & Pamela Day, TX – In honor of  PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s re-election

Faith Bible Chapel International, CO

Angela Farrell, TX – In honor of her son Chris Teague’s promotion to a Ranger Sargent United States Army, and her niece Sarah’s marriage to Blake.

Carol Flatto, FL

Norman Frankel, IL

Yitzchak E. Gold, OH – In memory of Sonia G. Fesman

Elaine Goldman, NY

Dr. Harold Goldstein, FL

Alexander & Larisa Gopp, MI

Greg & Lauren Grant, TN

Karen Harvey , TX – In memory of Karen’s beloved father Max Bent, of blessed memory (Yahrzeit: Nissan 17)

Ferne Hassan, NJ

James Higginbotham , AL

Feigy Hirth, FL

Jay Jacobs, OH

Boris Kacel, IL

Michael Kaplan, PA

Grant & Sarah Kirksey, CO – In memory of their beloved daughter Alice, of blessed memory

Benyamin and Nava Korn, PA – In memory of their beloved Aunt Jean, of blessed memory

Greg and Lisa Lane, AZ

Judith Lawler, TX

Gloria LeBoyer, IL

Deborah & Everett Laseberg, VA

Dr. Gerhard and Rosalyn Levy, FL

Jay Lewis, PA

Lavonne Lucke, MT

Rita Markowitz, NJ

Sharon McCune, UT

Cynthia Merriman, London ENGLAND

Pastors Cheryl and George Morrison, CO

Pastor Marie-Helene Moulin , Nice, FRANCE

Soraya Nazarian, CA

Michael and Donna Neukum, TX

Tom & Jeannie Gronewald, The Olive Branch Project, CA

Henry Opatut, NJ – In memory of Ron Nachman, of blessed memory

Dr. Charles Parrott, AL

Michael & Mona Pollina, TX – In honor of Israel, who will never be forgotten

Esther Rabinowitz, FL

Lia Rardin, TX

Renee Ricco, NY

James Robinson, FL

Delia Robles, TX

Sharon Rose, TX

Burton and Marsha Roseman, CA

Margaret Rothenberg, VA

Stephanie Schindler, TX

Evan and Orly Shapiro, FL

Edward M. Siegel, NY

Mayor Sandy and Jean Stimpson, AL

Aaron and Janet Streiter, NY

Gary Weeks, CA

Ruth Yancovich, CT – In memory of her beloved husband Henry, of blessed memory