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Synagogue Enhancement

Synagogue Enhancement

For 25 years, American Friends of Ariel has been instrumental in providing support for projects in Ariel enhancing Jewish life and heritage – including building and renovating local synagogues.

In Ariel, synagogues are not only houses of prayer; they are cornerstones of communal and religious life, and provide a number of neighborhood resources. From prayer groups to community service programs, synagogues keep neighbors connected.

As Ariel’s population grows, so do its religious and traditional communities. Several local synagogues have quickly outgrown their original structures, and funding is needed for expansion, construction, and renovation to meet the community’s needs.

A number of synagogues are looking to expand their sanctuaries, remodel, or add community spaces to bring the potential for bigger and better programs.

Recently, the Shvut Ariel synagogue expanded its building, although additional funding is still required to include an event and programming venue. Similarly, the Rambam Synagogue building was recently completed and was dedicated to services for the Yemenite community.

The Synagogue Enhancement Fund can provide donors with naming opportunities as appropriate. American Friends of Ariel will work closely with donors to determine the most fitting recipients for their contributions.

Our partners are welcome to join us in enhancing any one of our current or future synagogues and consider placing a donation in memory of their loved ones. Every donation helps give back to the religious community in Ariel – and the community services they provide for the city as a whole.