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The Ariel Funeral Home

The Ariel Funeral Home

Ariel’s new cemetery sits on a mountain and provides a respectful resting place with a view of the surrounding region.

Ariel remains in a temperate region, and experiences both cool winters and blazing Israeli summers. As development continues there is a pressing need for a basic structure to allow funerals to be conducted with dignity in all weather conditions. The Ariel Funeral Home, a 2,150-square foot structure to provide a fitting setting to conduct funeral services at the new cemetery, will fill that need.

The Funeral Home will be one structure among the many associated facilities currently under construction including two burial grounds; a visitors’ section with handicapped-accessible bathrooms; traditional hand-washing stations to observe the purity rituals when entering/leaving the cemetery according to Jewish law; on-site offices for Funeral Home employees; spaces for security personnel at the entrance; and ample parking.

Naming opportunities are available for those wishing to dedicate their donation in memory of their loved ones.