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Student Village

Student Village

Ariel’s Student Village volunteers give back to the community by becoming involved with Ariel’s diverse population, providing help where needed to children, the elderly, and immigrants – and also spurring further growth and urban development.

Thirty hand-picked Ariel University students live in Ariel’s pioneering neighborhood. They hail from a variety of backgrounds – and nearly 25% are new immigrant students from the former Soviet Union (FSU), Ethiopia, the USA, and South Africa. For them, the Student Village provides a second family.

As part of their personal commitment to the Ariel Student Village, each participating student leads a volunteer project for local Ariel residents. Students receive stipends to augment their cost of living, as well as social support from the Yachad B’Ariel nonprofit organization.

Students lead projects in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Providing tutoring and enrichment programs for local schoolchildren;
  • Working with at-risk youth;
  • Tutoring new immigrant students and students with disabilities studying at Ariel University;
  • Preparing young adults for their mandatory IDF service;
  • Planning social events for families;
  • Distributing food packages to the needy;
  • Operating the Adele Biton secondhand store, in memory of terror victim Adele Biton;
  • Providing courses on computer literacy and independent living skills to the elderly – as well as a sense of community;
  • Running a clubhouse and providing educational opportunities for developmentally disabled adults;
  • Visits to Holocaust survivors; and
  • Helping new immigrants, especially those without family.

Your support of the Ariel Student Village is, by definition, a double investment. Your donation not only supports a student completing his or her studies, but also keeps their volunteer work alive. Whether you choose to adopt a student by contributing towards their scholarship, or you choose to sponsor any of the student projects and programs, your generosity will help both communities. It’s one cause with many levels of impact.