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College Scholarships

College Scholarships

Since 1991, American Friends of Ariel has provided scholarships for over 500 residents of Ariel who study toward their BA in colleges and universities across Israel.

The scholarship committee reviews basic criteria such as a residency in Ariel for at least five years, financial need, and a genuine commitment to give back to the city.

As part of the program, each scholarship recipient must complete 20 of hours of community service tutoring and mentoring Ariel’s teenagers to help them succeed in school and in life.

Tutoring programs from Ariel’s best and brightest students have boosted the city’s quality of education, and matriculation success, each and every year.

These programs allow the college-age residents of Ariel, who are raised in the city’s school system, to give back to the next generation of college-bound teens where and when it is needed most. Their experiences leave an indelible mark for progress on the lives of both the tutors and their students.

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