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A Look Back at 2021


The City of Ariel is expanding and the size of the wonderful communities here increasing.

In 2021, the neighborhood of Ariel South is well underway which leads us into the exciting news for 2022 and the neighborhood of Ariel West soon to be under construction!

New projects in the works are the Education Campus of Ariel South (consisting of 6 kindergartens, primary school, sports hall, park, and amphitheater). A new Ariel Family Center – to work towards healthier family relationships, the Mar’eh Art Gallery, completion of the Moriah Gymnasium and the new location for the Sheltered Workshop.

Existing Friends of Ariel projects that have continued to grow in 2021 include the Young Adult Center, the Field Center for Entrepreneurship (with its newly opened Field Women’s Entrepreneur Community), Warm Home for TeensKrembo’s Wings Youth group, and many more!