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Mar’eh Art Programs

Mar’eh Art Programs

Friends of Ariel is excited to announce a new partnership with Mar’eh, whose purpose is to foster and promote the art scene in the Judea and Samaria region of Israel for the benefit of artists and residents of the region.

The heart of the project will be an art center in Ariel. The Mar’eh Art Center will be a multipurpose space which will house: artist studios, classrooms, a gallery and a shop. The art center will capitalize on the rich talent of our region to provide an outlet and a meeting point that will benefit the local artists as well as the residents of Ariel and the greater Judea and Samaria region. The educational programs will provide the opportunity for students to meet artists, learn how to appreciate art and to create their own works of art. Through tours, lectures and workshops, students will become aware of art history, their own creative potential and the artists that live in their region. Residents will also have the opportunity to experience art, meet artists, take classes and buy original works for their own collections.

Additionally, Mar’eh will attract tourists to the art center and to art scene in the region as a whole, showcasing the rich and unique visual culture that exists in Judea and Samaria. The Mar’eh’s tourist program, will bring more local and international visitors to Ariel and provide them with the opportunity to engage with residents and connect to the region on an intimate and personal level.

Mar’eh will extend its reach outside its physical walls to mentor artists both through our online community and through the artist registry, and in person through satellite programs. Mar’eh will work with local municipalities to help them create spaces and opportunities for visual art and artists in their towns and cities for the benefit of their residents. The artist registry will bring attention to our artists from sources close to home and worldwide, helping them to garner sales, and increase press and curator interest.

Mar’eh’s founder Ophra Shoshtari is an Art Management Expert with an MA in Art History and Curation from the University of Haifa and has worked at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Gordon Gallery and many other art institutions both in Israel and the US. Ophra is a resident of the Shomron and wants to use her skills and talents to connect the residents, school children and tourists in Judea and Samaria to the incredible talented artists of the region.

You can follow Mar’eh’s activities on their Facebook page.

Mar’eh is looking for sponsors and partners. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact Ophra Shoshtari.