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The HALO Program

The HALO Program

Friends of Ariel is proud to announce support for the HALO program, a unique school for at-risk teens in danger of slipping through the cracks of the conventional school system.

The HALO program for the advancement of youth gives opportunities and life back to teens who have dropped out of conventional middle and high schools for any number of issues, both psychological and physiological.

HALO reaches these teens with a dedicated army of teachers, social workers, and volunteers who work every day to bring these teens back into society – and give them tools for adult life.

Many teens have successfully graduated with a 12-year education certificate – equivalent to a GED – which would enable them to enroll in a pre-college program to achieve matriculation exams and to eventually have access to higher education. The certificate is a crucial prerequisite to employment in Israel on any career level.

Educationally, the program provides small class sizes which provide an ideal teacher-to-student ratio, the opportunity for in-depth and one-on-one tutoring, and an environment with minimized distractions to aid failing students in catching up to their peers.

In conjunction with the program’s tailored academics, these students have found themselves again through a social structure HALO provides as well – one with music, art, and cultural programs; hiking and nature trips to help foster confidence and leadership skills; and a “home away from home” environment which gives teens a safe place to learn and stay during the week.

Your support enables teens from HALO to succeed on two levels: by making sure they have enough meals for teens who don’t have food at home – and by helping sponsor mentorship programs which give them the one-on-one guidance they need to thrive.