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Emergency Services Relief Tent

Emergency Services Relief Tent

If a natural disaster hit your home – where would you go for help?

Ariel, as the Capital of Samaria, not only serves as a regional hub for commerce and industry – but also for infrastructure. And as such, Israel’s Ministry of Defense has partially placed the well-being of residents of the entire region of Samaria in Ariel’s hands.

Ariel’s local Department of Security has a plan: to participate in a nationwide program to provide Emergency Services Tents to all civilians in the event of a natural disaster. These tents – based on a program from the US’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – are mobile emergency centers which are the first response in case of a crisis.

The tent would include distribution centers for goods and services most needed in the wake of a disaster – including, but not limited to, emergency first aid, police services, food and water, blankets, extra clothing, and necessary tools.

Everything in the mobile emergency unit would be catered toward one goal: saving human lives in the wake of a catastrophe. Your help could bring this life-saving emergency measure to tens of thousands of people in Ariel and the region.