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Children’s Well-Being Fund

Children’s Well-Being Fund

Ariel’s Department of Education has led an intense revival of standards and achievements over the past several years, but some pupils require special attention.

Since 2010, American Friends of Ariel have worked to bring our support for families in need beyond the day-to-day. The Children’s Well-Being Fund, one such initiative, helps tens of children every year receive the counseling, evaluations, and tutoring they need to provide them with a productive education.

Diagnosis of learning disabilities and other conditions can cost thousands of shekels – an exorbitant cost to those families living below the poverty line. This program provides these families with the basic ability to get their child’s needs evaluated, and allow them to move forward with appropriate education programs.

The Children’s Fund also provides SOS care when official government programs cannot accommodate a pressing need, such as adaptive technology for special needs pupils or sponsoring the cost of child care. A partnership between Ariel’s Department of Education, Department of Social Services and the Friends of Ariel organization has its ear to the ground, addressing the needs of Ariel’s children as they arise.