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The Helping Hands Boutique

The Helping Hands Boutique

Ariel’s strength, from past to present, continues to be the community’s availability to help each other out during times of need.

Through multi-level projects like the Student Village and Senior Volunteer Initiative, Ariel residents again and again volunteer to reach across age, ethnic, and neighborhood lines to advance the entire city.

Ariel’s Pioneering Neighborhood, which houses some of the city’s oldest and neediest residents, is the locus of several programs providing better opportunities to city residents.

Now, a new program from Ariel’s Social Services Department will introduce volunteer and community-building opportunities to Pioneering Neighborhood residents and clean up city streets – two worthy causes in one.

The Helping Hands Boutique, to be located in the heart of Ariel’s original neighborhood, will provide a home for hundreds of secondhand items thrown out every day in Ariel and provide a meaningful occupation for our Senior volunteers. The Israeli version of a Goodwill, these items will be priced to meet the needs of Ariel’s residents who cannot afford to buy new.

The site for the Shop has already been determined – but crucial equipment is needed to bring the building to customer-readiness. Help make this project of a reality by supporting Friends of Ariel.