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The Comprehensive Care Program

The Comprehensive Care Program

Every three years, each Special Education student in Israel must be retested and re-diagnosed to ensure they still qualify for Israel’s Special Education programs.

Ariel’s Department of Education is committed to helping out these students who need it most – and currently, aim to provide psycho-didactic testing when needed.

As of 2017, the Department provides subsidized testing for 20 sixth-graders and 20 tenth-graders in the city’s Special Education programs each year – helping out 40 families who normally would have to bear costs topping $600 or more per test, per child.

However, true success stems from a positive home environment – and the Department of Education wants to expand its existing program to include family therapy sessions with local psychologists.

These sessions would bridge the needs of a Special Education child in the school system with the needs of that same child at home. Parents would receive free counseling on how to help their child succeed in the school system and bring those skills home with them.

Together, with this program, every child in Ariel would have a chance to reach their full potential.