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Refa Na – Lifesaving Medication Fund

Refa Na – Lifesaving Medication Fund


To provide the necessary financial assistance to those in need. So no one will ever have to face the choice between food or medicine.


Local doctors and pharmacists discovered that some of their patients with chronic illnesses were not buying their medication simply because they couldn’t afford it. A committee made up of social workers, doctors, and ethical advisors was created and “Refa Na” was born – a fund to heavily subsidize medicine for those in need.

Friends of Ariel kickstarted the Refa Na Fund with a matching crowdfunding campaign that ran through the 2020 High Holidays. The local community of Ariel came out in full force to help their friends and neighbors in need.

Unfortunately, this is a need that is ongoing. We have made a dent in the surface but there are more people to help and our work is not done.

$1000 can help one person purchase their medications for an entire year! How many people do you want to help this year?

With your help, we can succeed, and no one will have to choose between paying bills, buying food or purchasing medication.