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K-12 Robotics Program

K-12 Robotics Program

Ariel’s Department of Education pioneered the “Robotics from Kindergarten to University” program in 2013. The project has grown by leaps and bounds ever since.

Each year, science teachers at each of Ariel’s kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools teach age-appropriate lessons to their students about robotics. Students then attend workshops at Ariel’s community Science and Art Building to see their lessons come to life.

Each workshop is tailored to the students’ differing grade levels; after twelfth grade, continuing students are offered the chance to complete a technical two-year degree in Robotic Engineering using credits they have accrued from the program.

The program aims to encourage Ariel children to study science and technology, educate them about the amazing technological advances happening right now in the hi-tech world, and bring academic research into the world of practical application.

The program has been highly successful – and has gained the notice of Israel’s Ministry of Science. Ariel’s K-12 Robotics Program is now being used as an experimental model for a potential nationwide program which would use the same principles to boost Science and Mathematics scores for children struggling in STEM subjects through the engagement of hands-on learning. The project is truly paving the way for the next generation of Israel’s technological leaders.


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