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Faith Bible Chapel

March 2010

A very special group from Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado visited Ariel the day after the Holiday of Purim. Led by Pastor George and Cheryl Morrison, Ariel’s close friends again blessed Ariel with a very generous contribution to be used for several important new initiatives. Faith Bible Chapel is the adoptive supporter of Ariel’s Children’s Development Center. Their donation will be used for parental guidance workshops, caregiver workshops, developmental kindergartens, the Ariel Children’s Fund and the Family Place Center.

During their visit, the tour and activities included viewing a performance of Ariel’s young dancers, singers and soloists, vine planting at Ariel’s new Community Interactive Media Center – where residents learn computer skills and children receive after school care from personal mentors, a visit to Antenna Hill – the IDF Outpost where the group donated 60 pounds of candy and treats, Ariel’s Sheltered Workshop, and a visit to the Milken Sports and Recreation Complex, lunching at the facility’s Café Café Restaurant. Mayor Nachman met with the group during the youth performance, thanking Ariel’s honored guests for their continued support and commitment to Ariel.