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Children’s Developmental Center

Children’s Developmental Center

Every child deserves to fulfill their full potential in life – and sometimes, they need a little extra help to get there.

Since the late 1980s our Children’s Developmental Center (CDC) has served tens of thousands of children in Ariel and the surrounding region — providing local children with the occupational, physical, and speech therapies they need to succeed.

More than just the children themselves, the CDC also gives back to the community at large — providing not only a convenient clinic for local parents to bring their children, but also an experience-based training ground for Ariel University student interns each year.

The once small clinic with tens of patients has grown ever since its move to Ariel University campus. Today 27,600 appointments are made at the CDC each year.

As Ariel’s child population grows, so does the need for more developmental therapy sessions – and the demand remains high. Your support can help make room for a child to receive the treatment she needs.