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Ron Nachman Legacy Center and Ariel Pioneers Museum

Ron Nachman Legacy Center and Ariel Pioneers Museum

Ron Nachman, Ariel’s legendary founding father and longtime mayor, was laid to rest atop the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development, overlooking the city’s residential neighborhoods. The picturesque location, the Nachman family thought, was the perfect spot for a memorial site that would honor Ron’s legacy and celebrate Ariel’s ever-developing history.

Located a few feet away from Ron Nachman’s graveside, the Ariel Pioneers Museum opened its doors in 2016 to a large crowd and media fanfare. Since then, the Museum has become a gathering site and event space for visiting groups who want to know more about Ariel’s past, present, and future.

The Pioneers Museum continues to expand its programming and is working on a long-term project to preserve Ariel’s history in two forms:

  1. By assembling a comprehensive physical and digital archive documenting the founding of Ariel;
  2. By preparing interactive media platforms for visitors to learn more, in multiple languages.

In honor of Ariel’s 40th anniversary, we at AFA aim to keep the Ariel Pioneers Museum and Ron Nachman Legacy Center free of charge – and filled with ongoing exhibits to bring the story of Ariel’s founders to life.