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Ariel Community Network

Anyone and everyone can become a part of the Ariel community. Wherever you may live, a monthly contribution towards Ariel’s lead initiatives strengthen and empower our ever-growing community – both for those of us who reside in Ariel, and for those of us who are personally engaged with our extraordinary city.

The American Friends of Ariel organization has always given the city and people of Ariel the extra edge to succeed. With the help of our friends across the globe, we have been able to breathe additional life into the thriving city. Our monthly projects range from education to social services, heritage enrichment to personal empowerment, support for our young enlisting soldiers to respect for our seasoned residents. Now, by joining the Ariel Community Network, you no longer have to choose which initiative to support!

Ariel Community Network members will receive a monthly update about the projects they support, and the lives that they’re impacting. We want to invite you into the personal side of Ariel, so that you can appreciate what we’re experiencing and building together. No donation is too small. No gift will go un-invested.

Consider how much you can invest in monthly gifts to Ariel, and take the first step. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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