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Discover Ariel A to Z

Arts and Culture

The Center for Performing Arts brings to Ariel the best of national and international arts and culture.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Enable Ariel's youth to undergo this Jewish rite of passage.

Choirs and Music

Ariel is full of song with choirs and music bands for all ages and genres.

Dance Ensembles

Ariel is a leader in dance, with local groups taking home international awards.

Elderly & Seasoned Residents

Provide cultural, social and professional opportunities to its most seasoned residents.

Fitness and Recreation

Ariel provides numerous outlets to stay fit and healthy.

Grants and Student Scholarships

Enable students in Ariel to realize their ambitions for higher education.

Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Museum

The Wodislovsky have built an educational landmark in Ariel to tell the stories of those who can't.

IDF Comfort Corner

Take care of those taking care of us by supporting the IDF Comfort Corner.

Jewish Life

From Torah scroll dedications to building a synagogue, support Ariel's flourishing Jewish life.


Contribute to Ariel's kindergartens to let our children thrive.

Leadership Development

The one-of-a-kind Ariel National Center for Leadership Development grooms the next generation of leaders.

Medical Center

Help us build the much needed Medical Center to serve the city and the entire Samarian region.

New Immigrants

Ariel is what it is today thanks to its immigrants.

Organizational Development

Help Friends of Ariel tell the story of Ariel to expand the City's international network of friends.

Parks and Recreation

Contribute to the greenery of Ariel and outdoor fun for the children.

Quick Response and Emergency Services

The firefighters and emergency response professionals are always ready to take on any emergency.

Ron Nachman Memorial and Pioneers Museum

Honor the legacy of Ariel's founder and memorialize the story of Ariel's founding.

Social Services

Through programs that take care of the needy to the Sheltered Workshop, Ariel looks out for all its residents.

Tourism and Visitor Services

Ariel's network of support grows thanks to programs and tours for international visitors.

University Development

Contribute to the growth of Ariel University, and hence, to the growth of Ariel as a city.

Vineyards and Wine Research

Support cutting-edge wine research that seeks to uncover the indigenous wine of the Land of Israel.

Warm Home for Teens and Families

The Warm Home offers a safe, social environment and counseling for troubled teens and families.

X-cellent Education

Help the Education Department build a cutting-edge curriculum designed to bring out the best in every student.

Young Adults Center

The Young Adults Center will serve as a creative hub for residents ages 18-35.

Zionism and Israel

Want to support all our projects? Choose the letter "Z"! Celebrate Israel by partnering with the City of Ariel on all of our exciting projects.