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Home Front Emergency Campaign

We need your help. We need your support for two critical initiatives that are integral to our community’s well-being and safety.

  1. Emergency First Responders: These are the local heroes who serve as our first line of defense, safeguarding our community, Ariel residents who volunteer to patrol and protect our homes, families, and children, and are willing to risk their lives to keep them safe. We need to expand the team and provide them with additional protective equipment. Your contributions will help ensure their safety, allowing them to continue their vital work in protecting all of us from harm.
  2. Emotional Support and Trauma Relief: The recent horrific attacks and the knowledge that we are at war have already taken a toll on the mental and emotional well-being of many within our community. Loss, trauma, fear, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead have created overwhelming levels of stress. Your support will enable us to bring in more professional staff to provide much-needed emotional support and resources to those who have suffered trauma.

By supporting these initiatives, you are not only helping to keep our brave protectors safe but also offering a lifeline of hope and strength to those who are grappling with the emotional toll of war.