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Magen David Adom Bullet-Proof Mobile Intensive Care Unit donated to Ariel

A new Magen David Adom (MDA) bullet-proof Mobile Intensive Care Unit, donated by Prof. Marat Ressin, was inaugurated in Ariel in a special ceremony, in the presence of the donor and his family, MDA VP of Operations Gil Moshkowitz, representatives of Israeli Friends of MDA, the Mayor of Ariel Mr. Eli Shaviro, Magen David Adom management, management of the MDA Yarkon district, and employees and volunteers from Ariel and the  surrounding area.

This bullet-proof vehicle was donated by Prof. Ressin via/in collaboration with the Israeli Friends of MDA Association, and will be stationed in Ariel to serve the residents of Ariel and the neighboring communities. The new MICU vehicle, model Mercedes Sprinter from Colmobil group, is the first of its kind in Israel. The bullet-proof ambulance was designed in accordance with the highest international standards, under the strict requirements of Magen David Adom. It was manufactured by the Israeli company Plasan Ram and assembled in Poland by the Zhota Company. The bullet-proof MICU provides maximum protection to staff and patients, enabling a safe arrivalof the MDA emergency response teams to the scene of the incident and treatment under fire using the most advanced intensive care equipment. This emergency vehicle has an engine power of 3,000 cc, length 5.92 m, height 2.95 m, and width 2.02 m and weighs 5 tons. In addition, an automatic air and bacteria purification system was installed in the vehicle, helping to maintain a safe and healthy transport of the staff and patients to the nearby hospital.

The Magen David Adom station in Ariel is the central medical emergency station in the Samaria region, operating a MICU and an ambulance 24 hours a day. The emergency MDA teams, comprised of 30 medics and paramedics, 100 volunteers of which 65 are teenagers, provide emergency medical care to the residents of the area in cases of routine incidents, traffic accidents and even security incidents, working in full cooperation with the Israeli army.

Orly Ariel, CEO of the Israeli Friends of MDA: “We are extremely grateful to Prof. Marat and his family for donating the bullet-proof ambulance. This MICU vehicle is unique in its capabilities enabling variety of treatment options for the medical emergency teams in the field. Dear Ressin family, welcome to the Magen David Adom family! On behalf of the people of Israel we thank you for your generosity and hope for many future collaborations in our efforts to continue saving lives”.

Gil Moshkovitz, Vice President of Operations at MDA: “Here is an amazing solution born and built from scratch. Marat wanted to have a vehicle adapted specifically to the needs of Ariel and its surroundings, which would serve both the EMT’s and the patients. Unfortunately, over the years we have witnessed a number of difficult incidents in Ariel and the nearby communities. This bullet-proof Mobile Intensive Care Unit will save not only the patients’ lives, but also enable the medics and paramedics, who are often exposed to life threatening conditions and under fire, to work in a protected environment”.

Eli Shaviro, Mayor of Ariel: “On behalf of the residents of Ariel, I would like to express my endless gratitude to Prof. Marat Ressin, for donating this ambulance to the city. Prof. Ressin is a dear friend of the City of Ariel, and has been supporting the city in various fields over the past five years. The City of Ariel is a district city which provides service to all the communities around it, therefore this donation of a bullet-proof ambulance is of great significance and importance helping save people’s lives. Thank you and God bless you!”

Prof. Marat Ressin, donor of the bullet-proof Mobile Intensive Care Unit: “It is a great honor to present to the residents of Ariel and the region today the bullet-proof and innovative intensive care unit, which will help MDA teams save lives faster, and in a safer environment. When I donated the money, I decided that I wanted something different, something innovative that will change the rules of the game in terms of treating the wounded. I sincerely hope that the innovative intensive care vehicle is just the beginning of many more projects of this type and that together we’ll be able to save many lives”.

MDA CEO Eli Bin: “We convey our blessings and deepest gratitude to the Ressin family for their incredible contribution – which will help save lives throughout the Samaria region. Unfortunately, MDA teams are well experienced in handling scenes of terrorist attacks and severe incidents, many times being under fire and at risk of life. Prof. Ressin’s significant contribution will help and strengthen MDA’s ability to treat and assist the sick and wounded in complex arenas. This is a state-of-the-art vehicle with the most advanced medical capabilities in the world”.