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FIGA Accelerator

The FIGA Accelerator operates out of the city of Ariel in the Samaria region and is designed, facilitated, executed and led by the Field Center for Entrepreneurship.

FIGA (Field International Growth Accelerator) is an intensive 5 month program that takes companies from non tech fields and puts them through a “crash course” in new agile thinking and innovative work methods “lent” from the Israeli Startup Nation’s tech ecosystem. FIGA helps bridge knowledge, networking and practical tools to lay the foundations for those who want to take the next step and expand their business to international markets.

Most accelerator programs are built for startups and technology, yet when focusing only on tech, you are missing out on an entire world of opportunities. The Field Center went ahead and created a hybrid program that opened the program to non tech businesses. The FIGA program’s main target is to help any company regardless of field to expand internationally. Of the 25 companies who submitted their applications to attend FIGA, 7 were accepted.

Moreover, of the 7 companies, 3 were major factories operating for over 20 years and combined have over 200 employees. It is still unheard of, although this is changing slowly now, that Industrial entrepreneurs join accelerators as this is a world that most are not acquainted with in the first place.

When building this program, The Field Center was looking for not only the company’s business plans (how successful or not), but also┬áthe people who run the company who wish to be part of a great initiative that has started taking place in JS over the past year or so. Help put JS on the financial map, bringing in and exporting out (to Israel and globally) outstanding ventures in order to help increase the region’s financial footprint.

On July 20th FIGA round 1 came to an end and was celebrated by the 7 companies pitching their ventures (over zoom) to the Field Family (the Donors), Investors and guests from the Israeli startup ecosystem.