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Ariel Dance Troupe Launches US Hannukah Tour

When mother-daughter team Dora and Masha Litvak left the former Soviet Union in the 1990s to make their home in the City of Ariel, there was one item they couldn’t leave behind: their love for dance. With the influx of dancing and acrobatic talent from the former Soviet Union, they knew they had the makings of an internationally competitive dance troupe of young performers in Ariel.

For 20 years, the Ariel Dance Troupe has entertained and captivated audiences across the globe, celebrating world cultures and especially Jewish heritage and Israel through energetic, skilled, and one-of-a-kind performances. Not a performance goes by without a cheerful standing ovation. Now, let them dazzle you!

Join us in your community for a family friendly show!

E-mail us here┬áto find out where they’ll be performing in your community.

  • November 20 – 25, New Jersey and New York
  • November 26 – 2, Washington DC Area
  • November 30 – December 2, Southern California
  • December 2 – December 4, Northern California

Enjoy a short video about the preparations for their Coast2Coast 2013 Hanukkah Tour.