The Field Center for Entrepreneurship

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship (The Field Center) serves as a regional hub for entrepreneurial programming and guidance, business excellence promotion and network development. The Field Center has been growing swiftly since its launch in January, 2016.

The Start-Up ProcessYAdultCenter-opening5

Before launching, 2015 was dedicated to an in-depth study of Ariel’s local and regional populations. The study yielded a series of important insights that informed the Field Center planning process regarding both the character of the community as well as the unrealized potential of citywide resources. A comprehensive model emerged:

YAdultCenter-opening3First, the Ariel Young Adults Center will serve as the primary campus for the Field Center and itsassociated programs. The Ariel Young Adults Center is located in the heart of the city, across the street from the Milken Cultural Center and the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts, alongside the city’s commercial plaza and opposite the city’s municipal services offices. It’s an easily accessible, professionally designed and inviting home for
the Field Center.

Second, academic guidance and enrichment must play a critical role in the program’s success. The integrative approach at the heart of the Field Center leverages the pragmatic with the theoretical while balancing experiential learning with advanced studies and practical implementation.  Ariel University – Israel’s newest university – has partnered with the program to play an active role in content and curriculum development, while contributing added value to the program’s prestige.

Current Field Center Programs

The Field Center currently focuses on the following programs that serve Ariel’s local and regional populations:

Seminars led by academic and business professionals. Seminar topics include:

  • Small Business Establishment – Plan your Success
  • Marketing for SBO – Basic Principles
  • Fundraising & Company Finances Management
  • Business Plan Preparation – Basics and Practice
  • Family Business and Regional Programs
  • International Logistics
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Support Systems

Workshops led by the inspiring lecturers provide the high quality, cutting edge small business tools and tailor made services to guide and sustain success. Workshop examples include:

  • Legal Aspects of Business Organization
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship
  • Online Business Establishment and Development
  • Building the Positive and Effective Networks
  • Inter-Cultural Aspects of Business Development
  • The Art of the Business Presentation
  • Small Business Financing and Support Systems

Accredited courses incorporate Ariel University’s academic edge into the Field Center’s programming. These include:

  • Social Entrepreneurship – Core Concepts & Case Studies
  • Business Decision-Making Process and Leadership
  • From Crisis to Opportunity – A Framework for CM
  • Creative Project Management
  • Intellectual Property Strategy in a Global Market
  • The Basics of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management
  • International Business Entrepreneurship

Mentoring and Consulting

The Field Center provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with free counseling, provided by professional, academic, governmental and private sector experts.

What’s next?

Grants and Awards

Entrepreneurs participating in the Field Center programming will be eligible to receive grants, loans and additional forms of financial support to promote their businesses. Loans will be provided for up to 10 businesses a year. Grant competitions will be held up to four times per year (once per quarter).

Sponsor an interest free loan for $5,000. 

Sponsor an award winning grant for $20,000.


An essential element of entrepreneurship is hands on experience. The Field Center’s internship tracks will provide participants with onsite experiential learning, as well as the added value that comes with the developing peer communities. The internship tracks include:

  • Ariel University Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship Program (20 per year)
  • Ariel University Students and Fellows E-Ship (15 per year)
  • International Interns (10 per year)

Sponsor an Israel-based intern stipend for $1,800.

Sponsor an international intern’s travel costs, room and board for $3,600.

Work-space and accelerator initiatives

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship has developed meaningful relationships faster than anticipated, including cooperation with universities in the United States and Canada.  Prospective partners have offered everything from co-working office space arrangements to a self-sustaining start-up accelerator program. Your support can give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to take advantage of these new initiatives:

Provide a six-month office co-working space rental subsidy for $10,000.

Naming rights for a year-long start-up accelerator program for $100,000.

International Ambassadors 

Ariel’s young adults have a story to tell. It’s a story of innovation, creativity and values. The Ariel International Ambassadors program will equip 20 exemplary entrepreneurs over an 18 month period with the tools to address international audiences, and will send participants on delegations across the globe:

Sponsor an international ambassador for $10,000.

Naming rights for the inaugural Ariel International Ambassadors program for $150,000.

American Friends of Ariel thanks the Field Family Foundation of Beverly Hills for their generous, ongoing support for the Field Center for Entrepreneurship. We welcome additional partners to join this exciting endeavor, one initiative at a time.